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State of B2B product marketing 2015


Product marketing has changed dramatically in the digital age. We have tools and technologies today that enable us to launch products faster, target them better and track their adoption more closely.

We are also seeing an increased awareness amongst B2B marketers of the importance of automation tools for creating a more efficient delivery system.

In terms of marketing channels, most of the traditionally popular digital channels continue to dominate. This is an area that could see some innovations soon. Video as a content type is being consumed more and B2B marketers will do well to take note of this.

The only area that worries us is the overarching importance being placed by companies on revenue generation and customer acquisition in product launches. Such a unidimensional approach to new product strategy can stifle innovation; and ignore, in the process, other important aspects of marketing like customer engagement, which may prove detrimental to business in the long term. This is an area where B2B marketers can learn a lesson or two from their counterparts in the B2C space.


  • 89% marketers mention new customer acquisition as the metric they use to measure the impact of product marketing
  • 84% respondents say they invest in product marketing
  • 81% executives choose direct selling as their top sales distribution strategy
  • 70% respondents say they look at revenue generated to measure the success of a product launch
  • 69% marketers choose understanding buyer needs or pain points as the most important go-to-market strategy to a product launch

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