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State of B2B Event Marketing


Event Marketing is a strategic area that has top-of-mind recall among marketers around the world because of its unique ability to provide customers and prospects with interactive, immersive experiences of a company, its products, and its services. Event Marketing not only raises awareness of your company, but also enhances your organization’s reputation and builds your organization’s brand. Event Marketing takes your customers to where the action is and etches lasting impressions of your organization, products, and services. Done well, Event Marketing deeply engages your target audience.

Successful Event Marketing starts much before an actual event and passes through preparatory phases such as visioning, the setting of objectives, and situation analysis. During an event, marketers aim at efficiently managing and deploying resources to maximize effectiveness. Post-event, they follow through with thorough assessments that determine ROI.

The State of B2B Event Marketing 2014 report is one of Regalix’ recent global surveys. The survey focused on the viewpoints of business leaders, senior marketing executives, and Event Marketing pros worldwide on current Event Marketing perspectives, practices, priorities, and recommendations.

The resulting report will equip your company to carve out a unique niche for your products or services in today’s highly competitive environment. A comprehensive compilation of actionable insights on B2B Event Marketing, it is based on inputs meticulously furnished by experienced respondents from the industry.

We trust you will find its findings gripping. State of B2B Event Marketing 2014 provides valuable perspectives on:

  • Current practices and priorities in B2B Event Marketing
  • Perspectives on making B2B Event Marketing a top strategic priority
  • Focused implementation of B2B Event Marketing to achieve high lead gen, aggressive brand building, and memorable customer engagement
  • B2B Event Marketing budgets, how they are likely to increase, and which budgetary areas a marketer believes need attention
  • B2B Event Marketing tactics and tools
  • Benefits and effectiveness measures in B2B Event Marketing programs
  • Critical factors that enhance the B2B Event Marketing function

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