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State of B2B Customer Experience 2014


Customer experience (CX) is the sum total of the experiences between a customer and his/her supplier over the duration of their relationship. It covers the stages of the customer’s buying cycle–awareness, discovery, attraction, interaction, purchase, use, cultivation, and advocacy. Forrester analyst Harley Manning defines good CX as comprising three elements two-way interactions that are useful (i.e. deliver value), usable (i.e. possess value that is easy to find and engage with), and enjoyable (i.e. are emotionally engaging so people want them).

The definitions of CX are many. But their focus remains the same – the customer. Thus, understanding the customer’s buying journey and ensuring that he/she has the best possible experience before, during and after the purchase of a product or solution are what CX is all about.

Regalix conducted survey interviews with Business Leaders, Senior Marketing Executives and Practitioners from around the world to analyze the current practices and standards followed in order to understand the state of B2B Customer Experience as it stands today. The report also comes with actionable tips and recommendations to help marketers improve the Customer Experience with their organizations effectively.


  • 91% Marketers say integrating customer feedback with product development is key to high-quality CX
  • 91% Executives report that improving online CX is their CX program’s top priority
  • 81% Marketers consider CX as one of their top strategic priorities
  • 80% Marketers identified advocacy and positive word-of-mouth as the key benefits of improving their CX
  • 80% Marketers use Customer Retention as a metric to measure CX program effectiveness
  • 76% Marketers have yet to implement a single-pane view of customers
  • 62% Marketers identified the lack of a clear CX strategy as being a significant obstacle to improving CX
  • 62% Marketers expect to see their CX program budgets increase in the next 12 months
  • 50% Marketers report that their executive team’s goals for CX is to differentiate themselves from their competitors
  • 49% Marketers say they have an executive in charge of improving CX across products and channels

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