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Pre-sales content marketing trends 2013


Content Marketing is transforming the way marketing professionals market their products. With nearly $17 billion invested in 2012 (according to the Custom Content Council) , content marketing is fast becoming the cornerstone of the B2B marketing mix. However, not all content marketing channels perform equally well for every marketing objective.

Content Marketing Trends 2013 is a compilation of insights from senior B2B marketing professionals across US, Europe and Asia. The report provides insights into the current use and perceived efficacy of content marketing tactics in the pre-sales cycle. This report details our findings about which content tactics B2B marketing organizations are using, and which distribution channels are most effective in the pre-sales cycle. This data will help CMOs invest in the right content marketing tactics for executing their content marketing strategy.

Note: We identified the five most significant pre-sales marketing objectives of the B2B CMO: creating awareness, generating leads, nurturing prospects, activating engagement and influencing purchases, and analyzed content types and distribution mechanisms through the lens of these marketing objectives.



  • Videos are the most popular marketing medium for creating brand awareness. However, marketers do not rely on videos for lead generation campaigns.
  • With over 200 million searches daily through search engine queries, organic search is still the best way to reach a large target audience.
  • In-person and online events offer the highest Return on Investment (ROI) and are particularly powerful for lead generation compared with other content distribution channels.

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