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B2B cross-channel marketing and attribution trends 2013


In this digital era, consumers start their buying journey from one channel and carry it forward using multiple other channels. Marketing to such savvy consumers isn’t about simply executing campaigns in email, mobile, social, and other channels. This digitization of the customer’s buying cycle has made the whole lead generation and conversion process for marketers rather complex.

This report analyzes the current state of implementation of cross-channel strategies and marketing attribution models, and provides B2B marketers actionable tips for creating and measuring successful cross-channel marketing campaigns. The report provides insights into trends in cross channel marketing and attribution models, including, budget allocations, channels and tools used by marketers, challenges faced by them, and much more. This data will help CMOs invest in the right cross-channel strategies and marketing attribution models and help in the creation of effective execution strategies.


  • 92% of marketers believe that marketing attribution is extremely crucial to understanding the consumer’s purchase cycle
  • 88% of marketers surveyed believe that technology is extremely crucial for the success of cross-channel marketing programs
  • 83% of marketers surveyed indicated that a cross-channel marketing strategy is critical to the marketing function
  • 73% of B2B marketers report email as the most tightly integrated with other channels of marketing
  • 68% of marketers reported inability to correctly attribute sales to campaigns and measure success as their biggest challenge in cross-channel marketing
  • 68% of B2B marketers reported enhanced customer interaction and engagement as the top benefit of having a cross-channel marketing strategy
  • 60% marketers conduct attribution manually by following multiple models of attribution
  • 57% marketers use data analytics to understand consumer behavior

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