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2014 B2B marketing trends, predictions & forecasts


2013 was the year of content. Marketers were forced to think content first, everything else followed second. This heralded the era of brand journalism, witnessing phenomenal increase in content marketing spend across the globe. However the marketing landscape in the last 3-4 years is rapidly evolving with technological advancement driving change and evolution in consumer behavior propelling marketers to adopt new practices to get into their mindshare. Cross channel marketing, mobile marketing were all results of this change, leaving marketers grappling with how to leverage big data and form strategies based on analytics and consumer behavior both online and offline.

2014 continues to see the rise of content marketing as a discipline with marketers realigning their marketing spend to create content that adds value to their end users. More than 87% of marketers surveyed confirmed channelizing budgets to digital marketing campaigns as opposed to traditional offline campaigns. While spends in video marketing, search engine marketing and digital publishing will continue to rise, budgets will move away from mobile and other traditional media line print, television and radio, unless they come through with innovative solutions to help marketers break through the clutter.

This survey report looks into trends and predictions that will help CMO’s and marketing leaders to focus on the right channels and tactics that will create market differentiation, drive growth and increase ROI.


  • 87% marketers plan to increase their budget allocation towards Digital marketing in the next twelve months
  • 83% marketers believe that Email will continue to be the most effective distribution channel in their marketing mix, followed by Events and Search Engines
  • 75% marketers believe that Video will be the most effective content asset in the year 2014
  • 85% marketers report a decrease in marketing spends on Mobile marketing and offline marketing such as Radio and Television

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