Rene Buhay: Trends & Technologies in the Sales Domain

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In this episode of Regalix’s RTalks, our host Rajiv Parikh interviews Rene Buhay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Aver Information. Rene has a detailed discussion with us about sales processes, how he interprets sales enablement, and the role of AI in businesses today.

Highlights of the interview

Sales process

“When it comes to selling, it’s necessary to set up a daily schedule. This guarantees high levels of productivity for your team. A sales process helps your sales staff with well-laid out steps and goals they can pursue.”

Interpretation of sales enablement

“Sales enablement helps sales teams with data, content, and devices so that they can sell more effectively. Sales enablement’s goal is to help sales reps align their content with the buyer’s journey and give them exactly what they need to effectively draw in customers, some of whom might be at different stages in the buying process.”

How AI is changing the way businesses operate

“Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming sales by assuming control over repetitive assignments like finding and sorting leads, observing the necessary requests and communicating with clients and prospects. This allows your business group to concentrate on other areas to help you grow faster.”

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