Record things that happened 5 minutes ago


This app keeps recording everything that happens around five minutes ago – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup

An App That Lets You Record Things that Happened 5 Minutes Ago

Looking for an app that helps you record easily? A new smart app – Heard – makes this possible. This app keeps recording everything that happens around five minutes ago. If the user decides to retain the recording, he can go into the app to do it. If the user does nothing, the app auto-deletes the recordings after the five minute mark. The recording starts once the Smartphone is switched on and a red banner at the top reminds the user it is still on. The app also syncs with social networks so audio clips can be easily uploaded onto Facebook, or emailed to friends.


What we think:

This app will make social media engagements livelier. The five minute auto delete mark means users will have to hurry to restore recordings. Raising the five minute mark to 30 minutes can make the app handier.

NASA Launches Satellite to Study How Sun’s Atmosphere is Energized

NASA has launched a satellite to study the energetic interface between the surface and corona of the sun. This interface region powers the suns dynamic million-degree atmosphere, drives solar wind and is the primary source of ultraviolet emission. The satellite will observe how solar material moves, gathers energy and heats up as it travels through an esoteric region in the sun’s lower atmosphere.


Now, A technology that Identifies Face and Gait

Scientists from the Supercomputer Education and Research Centre in the Indian Institute of Science have developed a technology that would enable computers to recognize faces, gait and even human activity from video data with up to 90 per cent accuracy. Using computer vision modules, video and compression cues this technology can help search reams of video footage within seconds. Once this technology gets inputs from cameras tracking suspects it sends out a real time alert to the police department.


What sets this technology apart is its ability to identify on the basis of gait. Nabbing people who break the law by camouflaging themselves will now get a lot easier.


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