Pit Stop with Patrick Ronan: Karan Yaramada, President & CEO, Jade Global

By Patrick Ronan | on July 4, 2019

Innovation & Leadership with Jade Global


Digital transformation is changing all aspects of businesses today. In order to stay in the top tier of competitors in your industry, it requires IT & operational innovation that can be challenging to plan for. Jade Global was founded with a belief in technology & an unwavering passion from its leadership team to help businesses unlock its true potential. Let’s hear the founder’s story.


The interview can also be viewed on www.regalix.tv.

Patrick Ronan

Patrick is a Solutions Specialist at Regalix with over eight years of experience in the industry. He has also been associated with Comcast Spotlight and Red Bull. A graduate of Michigan State University, Patrick majored in media, advertising, telecommunication and information studies. 



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