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How Regalix Helped Google Improve their Ad Account Conversion and Achieve 90% CSAT

As a leading search engine and advertising platform, Google recognizes the significance of boosting ad account conversion for businesses. Optimizing ad campaigns on their platform allows businesses to maximize the chances of users taking the desired action, leading to better ROI and revenue growth.

While conversions are crucial, Google understands that ensuring good customer satisfaction is equally vital. Businesses can build customer loyalty and drive repeat business and referrals by delivering a positive customer experience from the first ad impression to post-sale support. To this end, Google provides tools and resources to help businesses optimize ad campaigns and enhance customer satisfaction.

Preventing churn and minimizing handover delays are crucial for businesses to achieve long-term success. Losing customers can be expensive, as acquiring new ones is typically more expensive than retaining existing ones. Additionally, smooth handover between teams and departments is essential for a seamless customer experience and to avoid any potential customer frustration or confusion.

Learn how Regalix enabled Google to achieve unparalleled success by enhancing customer satisfaction, reducing churn, eliminating handover delays, and expanding its customer base.

In this case study, you will learn how Regalix helped Google:

  • Ensure success by setting up dedicated teams.
  • Make the five-step account handover process efficient.
  • Mitigate challenges and improve client experience.

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