Nuance introduces the age of conversational mobile ads


Mobile ads that talk to you and seek your views about it – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Nuance Introduces the Age of Conversational Mobile Ads

In an effort to make mobile ad more engaging, Nuance has unveiled “Voice Ads,” a new advertising format in which an ad speaks to the consumer and even seeks a response. Voice Ads integrates Nuance’s voice technology and the advanced features of mobile devices to make mobile ads more interactive. The targeted ads can be optimized for location, mobility, and voice input.


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With the introduction of Voice Ads, mobile marketing is set to scale new heights. Brands can leverage this technology to engage in meaningful conversations with consumers. However, to catch the attention of consumers, brands need to get more creative with their ads. Conversations with little added value can leave consumers miffed.

Apps to Share Smartphone Screens

Wish to have remote view of a Smartphone screen? Download app Optia. This app has been built to enable remote support between Smartphone users. Optia is equipped with features such as pointers that make it easy to convey information, and even iron out some bugs.

Source: Yahoo

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This app can be of great use to those who have trouble figuring out how to use a particular feature on their Smartphone’s. A user can seek and get real-time instructions anytime and anywhere.

Apps to Secure Password Information

When you have too many passwords, keeping track of all of them can be quite a task. A new app PassWallet now makes it easier for you to deal with multiple passwords. The app stores all passwords safely on your Android device and remains hidden from view so that no one can get to know about its presence. The user can gain access via a secret number or via an innocent looking widget. To enhance security, PassWallet‘s self-erases passwords after multiple failed attempts.

Source: Yahoo

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The best thing about this app is its security feature. But is this feature secure enough to keep precious information away from hackers. It’s still too early to tell!


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