New app brings photoshop features to smartphone


Getting creative with images on your Tablet or Android phone has become a lot easier – this and more in this week’s Regalix Round Up.

New App Brings Photoshop Features to Your Smartphone

If you were on the lookout for some smart image editing features on your Smartphone, here is some good news. Photoshop ® Touch, a new mobile app, now brings most of Photoshop’s advanced editing features to your iOS or Android phone or tablet. With this app you can quickly apply professional effects to images, and share them through social networking sites. This app can also be used to access images that are not stored on your Smartphone. So, one can start projects on computer and then finish it on phone, or vice versa.

Source: Yahoo

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As Photoshop Touch is a powerful version of Photoshop one can perform a quick fix while on the move. One need not wait to get back to the PC to implement their thoughts which may come at the spur of the moment.

Pinterest Launches New Data Analytic Tool for Businesses

Online bookmarking tool Pinterest has launched a new Web Analytics Tool which will enable businesses track the number of visitors it is referring to their sites. The new metrics made available by this tool include impressions, volume, recent pins and most re-pinned images. Marketers can also see what pins brought most traffic to their sites. The analytics is available to those who have a verified account with Pinterest.


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Brands can leverage this tool to understand what content is resonating with people. This would help marketers make informed decisions and perhaps devise a better strategy to make money from the traffic.

Nasa Rover Finds Conditions Once Suited for Ancient Life on Mars

Mars may have supported living microbes billions of years ago. An analysis of a rock sample collected by NASA’s Curiosity rover shows the presence of sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon — some of the most important life-sustaining ingredients. The bedrock from where Curiosity excavated the sample lies in an ancient network of stream channels descending from the Gale Crater. The fine-grained mudstone of the bedrock shows evidence of multiple periods of wet conditions, including nodules and veins.


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This is an interesting discovery. However, Curiosity’s main destination – a set of interesting deposits at the base of Mount Sharp – will throw up more conclusive evidence on this matter.


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