NASA successfully launches three smartphone satellites


NASA experiments with Smartphone as possible replacement for Satellites – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

NASA Successfully Launches Three Smartphone Satellites

Smartphones will now take pictures of the earth from outer space. To test the potential of Smartphones as low-cost satellites, NASA has launched three Smartphones to orbit the space aboard the maiden flight of Orbital Science Corporation’s Antares rocket. The goal of NASA’s PhoneSat mission is to explore the possibility of building low cost satellites with the components of a Smartphone. Transmissions from the PhoneSats — scheduled to remain in orbit for two weeks — show that they are operating normally.

source: NASA

DirecTV Adding Voice Search App to Smartphone to Find TV Channels

DirecTV will soon be introducing an application to help viewers find channels on their TV by speaking to their Smartphone. The app translates words into text search queries thus enabling one search by channel, title, or genre. In case a user isn’t sure about what to search for, the app prompts suggestions like “find movies for this week” to give the search a start. With this app one can even “push” search results to one’s TV — thus allowing everyone to view the results – or even preset recordings on home DVR from outside their home.

source: CNET

What We Think:

If this app can be further developed to adjust picture or tone settings with voice control, then the TV remote may soon become a thing of the past.

Facebook’s New Action-Oriented Mobile Pages

In an attempt to bring businesses and consumers closer, Facebook has rolled out a new mobile brand Pages format which features key business details in an easy-to-use layout. The new Pages have action buttons such as Like, Call, Message and Share the Page on the top with other helpful information such as location. If Page owners wish to highlight specific key content, they can include pinned posts near the top of the Page. Furthermore, Facebook has made it easier for Page owners to switch between public and admin views from their mobile devices.


What We Think:

As half of Facebook’s users are accessing the network from their mobile phones, this new feature will enhance its effectiveness as a marketing platform.



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