NASA selects explorer investigations for formulation


NASA will launch an explorer in 2017 to study exotic states of matter within neutron stars – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

NASA Selects Explorer Investigations for Formulation

NASA has selected two modules for its ambitious explorer program of planet-hunting and studying the omission of x-rays from stars. The two explorers – The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) – will be launched in 2017. TESS will be equipped with an array of telescopes to carry out an all-sky survey to spot undiscovered transiting exoplanets. NICER will be mounted on the space station to explore and measure the exotic states of matter within neutron stars.

Source: NASA

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The two missions may turn out to be major milestones in NASA’s long history of astounding discoveries. The NICER mission is first of its kind. Studies conducted by NICER may throw open many unknown and startling facts.

Your Thoughts Could Soon Replace Your Passwords

Typing passwords to log in may soon become a matter of the past. A new wireless headset device developed by researchers at the University Of California Berkeley School Of Information now allows users to log into accounts by just thinking about their passwords. The device uses brainwave-based computer authentication as a substitute for passwords. The device’s sensor rests against the user’s forehead, and sends an electroencephalogram (EEG) signal from the brain to the computer via blue tooth connection.

Source: Times of India

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If thoughts can replace passwords, a revolution of sorts is waiting to happen. Typing content may in itself become passà©. But risks associated with this technology need to be properly assessed.

Intel Next Generation Thunderbolt Interface Capable of 20Gbps Speed

Data transfer is set to get lightning fast. Intel has announced that its new Thunderbolt interface will attain data transfer speeds of 20Gbps in both directions. This speed is double of what Thunderbolt interface offers today. The new Thunderbolt tech would also offers simultaneous 4K video file transfer and display. The new interface will be backward compatible with the previous generation Thunderbolt cables and connectors.

Source: CNET

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There can’t be better news for web surfers. Halving the time needed to transfer files can only make net surfing easy and effortless. The launch also raises the stakes for conceptualizing better interfaces.


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