What you must not do when creating videos


Your enthusiasm about your product may be contagious, but how many people can you actually approach and explain the features of your product to?

You can create a video showcasing the features or the benefits of your offerings and use that at multiple places – your website, trade shows, product demonstrations and more. But there are some very important points you must keep in mind while you are doing so, otherwise you have the danger of investing too much (time, resources and money) into a video that provides absolutely no return whatsoever. Here are some of the things that you must avoid while creating product videos:

  • Don’t make it too long

With a long video, it is possible that your prospects get bored, distracted or worse, turned off. It is important that you keep the video short and to-the-point, covering only the most important points in the most interesting way possible.

  • Don’t make it complicated

The video should be simple and easy to understand. Your product might have some great features but they might be things that the viewer has never heard of or is aware of. The idea is to showcase what your product or solution is all about without confusing the viewer, and leaving the viewer begging for more, in which he/she will get in touch with the sales team or register for a trial.

  • Don’t make it sub-standard

This means making sure the visuals and audio is top notch – which if you do not have the resources in-hand, should get a professional video production company to make it.

  • Don’t make it device or platform incompatible

If your video does not work on different operating systems or is mobile incompatible then that will mean losing out on a large portion of the audience which is using different platforms and operating systems. You have to ensure that your video works on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android etc and also ensure that the video been coded for HTML5.

  • Don’t limit its audience

Creating a video does not end at just that. The next step is promotion. Make sure your video is promoted via online media sites such as YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

There. You have all the points in handy for your next product video.

We hope these tips were useful. Let us know in the comments below.


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