Mobile video conferencing now possible


Video conferencing on wheels allows people to work in the office without actually being there – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Telepresence robots let employees ‘beam’ into work

Working in your office without being physically present is no longer impossible. The Beam, a mobile video-conferencing machine developed by Suitable Technologies, can help office goers avoid missing a day from the office. The 5-foot-tall device, topped with a large video screen, has been built to give a physical presence to people away from office and make colleagues feel like someone is actually there. These remote-controlled machines are equipped with video cameras, speakers, microphones and wheels that allow users to see, hear, talk, and “walk” in faraway locations. Telepresence-robot makers are trying to bridge that gap with wheeled machines — controlled over wireless Internet connections — that give remote workers a physical presence in the workplace.

Source: Yahoo

Amazon most satisfying website to shop: Survey Inc remained the best website for shopping online, while JC Penney Co Inc suffered the largest drop in customer satisfaction of any major online retailer this Holiday Season – according to a survey released on Thursday. Amazon’s score was again 88 out of 100, while and shared the lowest score of 72. had the second-highest ranking, 85 – up four points from a year earlier.

ForeSee’s Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index has rated Amazon as the top retailer over the past eight years.

Source: CNBC

NASA Encourages Public to Explore Its Curiosity with New Rover-Themed Badge on Foursquare

NASA and the mobile application Foursquare have teamed up to help the public unlock its scientific curiosity with a new rover-themed Curiosity Explorer badge. Users of the Foursquare social media platform can earn the badgeby following NASA and checking in at a NASA visitor center or venue categorized as a science museum or planetarium. Upon earning the badge, users will see a special message on Foursquare.
The launch of the badge follows the October check-in on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity rover, marking the first check-in on another planet. Foursquare users can keep up with Curiosity as the rover checks in at key locations and posts photos and tips – all while exploring the Red Planet.

Source: NASA


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