Microsoft frames skype in inboxes


Microsoft Outlook users will soon have the option of sending voiced emails instead of texted ones — this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Microsoft Frames Skype in Outlook.Com Inboxes

In an attempt to make Outlook users type less and talk more, Microsoft has introduced a new feature that would enable users receive and make Skype calls directly from their inbox. With this new feature, users can choose from a range of mediums — email, call, video call or instant message — to send their messages across. To avail the service, users need to have a one-off browser plugin download compatible with latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Though the service has been made available only to users in the U.K., Microsoft plans to roll it out to users in the U.S. and Germany in the coming weeks. International expansion will follow soon after.


What we think:

Both Outlook and Skype are hugely popular, and integrating the two can simply redefine the way we use emails. Given that talking comes naturally than writing, conveying messages through emails is set to become a more intimate experience.

A Digital Camera That Gives 180-Degree View

With the help of a host of technologically advanced techniques and materials, researchers have developed a new digital camera which can take complete 180-degree picture of objects or surroundings. The camera is equipped with a series of image sensors and focusing lenses around a hemispherical base. Based on the angle, each of the lenses, take a small image of the subject, which are then pieced together to create a single picture of the subject. The current prototype, however, can only produce black-and-white images.

Source: CNET

What we think:

This technology can be used to enhance border, traffic or building surveillance significantly. Likewise, it can make medical processes like colonoscopy or endoscopy more conclusive. But the immediate challenge is to further develop the technology to produce colored images.

New App Makes Typing a Lot Easier and Multi-Lingual

Here’s the good news for those who find typing a bit cumbersome. The amazing input methods of a new keyboard app called Swype can completely change the way users’ type into their Smartphone. This app learns new words very easily thus helping users finish words and sentences quickly. Users can even go hands free and just dictate what should be typed with Dragon Dictations. It also comes with multiple language keys that may automatically change depending on which city one is in. The toggle-able option of this app even enables users write with their fingertips.

Source: Yahoo

The most user friendly aspect of this app is its next-word prediction feature. This will help users do away with many keystrokes. The multi-language compatibility feature will ensure it remains the most preferred typing app for some time to come.


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