Meeting Apple’s challenge: Popularizing and selling iPods in the Indian market


When iPods were relatively unknown in the Indian market, Apple had approached Regalix to popularize iPods in the country. But there was a catch. The licensing policies and trade regulation restrictions meant that Apple Inc., as a brand, could not be leveraged in the effort.


An insightful and young team at Regalix took up this challenge. A two-pronged strategy was brought into play–reaching out to the Indian audience in innovative ways, and, more uniquely, reaching out to the Indian diaspora in US to gift the iPod to friends and family in India. Social media, at the time, was an unchartered territory, but it was forayed into, successfully. Facebook, whose numbers were increasing exponentially around that time, was used extensively to spread the message with teenagers and young adults in India. The India diaspora was reached out to based on a highly targeted email list, social channels, and banner advertising on websites that were of interest to NRIs. An e-Commerce microsite, geared specifically towards NRIs, was conceptualized and designed in flat six weeks. The orders received were fulfilled by Apple through authorized stores spread throughout the country.


The efforts allowed Apple to gauge the depth of the Indian market and subsequently, gain a significant retail foothold while creating strong brand awareness, which can be felt everywhere today.

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