Leverage alumni network for student acquisition


Alumni are a reflection of our past, a representation of our present, and a link to our future. This vision of Fraternities and sororities that fosters ongoing relationships through an environment that invites, supports, and presupposes post-collegiate involvement and interaction on local, regional, and national levels is critical to the future of any University.

Alumni associations provide a vehicle for meeting and interacting with alumni in the local area who are from different backgrounds, cultures and different professions. Within the broad parameters of alumni associations, there is no single template.

Alumni associations are often related to organizing social events, publishing newsletters or magazines, and raising funds for the organization. Many associations provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates.

However, an Alumni network can also represent the views of alumni and to assist and advise the School/University in a number of key activities including Student Recruitment and Career Development.

This Webinar explains How to leverage your Alumni Network for Student Acquisition – Using different Channels.

Topics Covered:

  • To promote a beneficial relationship for academic, professional and social reasons, between the School, its alumni and other key stakeholders
  • To strengthen and support the effectiveness, membership and activities of the recognized alumni groups and promote their activity for the benefit of the School and its wider objectives.
  • To promote, encourage and assist in effective communications between the School, alumni groups and individual alumni.
  • To work in partnership with the Alumni Relations team to promote the objectives of the Association and those of the School.
Vikas Sharan & Jessy SimonsCEO | Team Lead, Inside Sales

Vikas is the CEO of Regalix Inc, in this role he provides leadership and strategy to the company. Vikas actively works with Regalix’s customers and is key in defining growth strategies for companies such as Citibank, Apple, NetApp, VMWare, and other prominent companies.Vikas was key in building Wingspanbank.com which was the first Internet only bank (was acquired by Bankone in 2000).

Jessy is an experienced Digital Marketing professional with vast experience in software sales for eight years as well. She has been associated with leading companies like Oracle, Goldman Sachs and AOL during her Career path.


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