Leading multidisciplinary innovation


Marketing Projects which are complex and broad in scope (e.g. multidisciplinary) consistently challenge executives who view project success as key to gaining business advantage. These types of initiatives require multiple specialists from different fields to work together to address and resolve a bleeding-edge challenge. Such challenges have a daunting failure rate, exacerbated by the unfamiliar frame of the challenge, the difficulties of communicating effectively between multiple specialists and the discomfort many specialists feel when straying outside of their comfort zones.

However, there’s hope! In this session, you will learn straightforward and repeatable techniques that together significantly increase your odds of early breakthroughs and improved success.

Takeaways from the webinar include:

  • How to recognize impending, potentially troublesome multidisciplinary challenges
  • How to most effectively organize and execute a complex, multidisciplinary challenge to increase its chances of success (or at worst, earliest, most cost-effective and most educational failure)
  • How to recognize an unusual class of individual whose personal attributes — even without specific training — can leverage significantly and positively your success rate for these types of challenges
Bruce TowPrincipal, Synovation Solutions

Bruce L. Tow is a Principal with Synovation Solutions, which helps enterprises with complex, multidisciplinary challenges. He is one of the world’s leading architects and designers of enterprise applications and applications-development technologies, having designed more than 100 such applications across dozens of industries, and architected multiple innovative applications-development technologies and associated methodologies. In addition, Mr. Tow is the founder and CEO of Synthesis Institute, a non-profit devoted to advancing the art and science of multi-disciplinary problem-solving, and is a co-author of “Synthesis — an Interdisciplinary Discipline,” published in the May-June, 2009 issue of The Futurist.


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