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Onboarding the Gig Economy | Jesse Osborne, Senior Director, Inside Sales, Tipalti


In this episode, Jessica Ly talks to Jesse Osborne, Senior Director at Tipalti, about how the company is helping to provide a financial platform to gig employees in the workforce. He also talks about his leadership style and the importance of career planning.

Key Takeaways

  1. The gig economy – 00:38
    A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. Examples of gig employees in the workforce could include freelancers, independent contractors, project-based workers and temporary or part-time hires.
  2. Situational leadership – 02:55
    The situational theory of leadership refers to those leaders who adopt different leadership styles according to the situation and the development level of their team members. It is an effective way of leadership because it adapts to the team’s needs and sets a beneficial balance for the whole organization.
  3. The importance of career planning – 10:52
    A solid career plan is essential in that it can provide a roadmap for your future. This, in turn, helps you make informed choices about your current job situation as well as future career moves. A broader career plan is also important when it comes to helping you stay inspired.
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