HOPE – Help Open Personalized Enablement

HOPE – Help Open Personalized Enablement

Creativity, innovation, and collaboration are reiterated by the World Economic Forum in their report (New Vision for Education – Unlocking the potential of technology, 2018) as 21st-century skills. 

I am inspired by the vision of HOPE – #HelpOpenPersonalizedEnablement to move the world from where we are now in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic to a zone of growth* through learning enablement. The world needs creative and collaborative minds that can innovate to reinvent new ways to accelerate revenue. The need is much stronger now to rethink existing learning models to one which is CONTEXTUAL, OPEN & PERSONALIZED. (* Image Source: Judy Wade)

Josh Bersin’s post on Responding To COVID-19. Ten Lessons From The World’s HR Leaders has great inputs from listening to seven of the world’s leading HR executives.

At Regalix, we are committed to moving the world from the Fear Zone to one of Growth through a single integrated platform to enable different audiences in a personalized consumable format.

I hope you are inspired too and would take 2 minutes to fill in the Google Form or share in your network to Help! Stay safe!


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