Google’s project loon: internet for everyone


Google’s goal to get the entire planet online was put to test in New Zealand’s South Island – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Google’s Project Loon: Internet-Beaming Balloons to Connect Remote Parts of the World

Google’s goal to get the entire planet online was put to test in New Zealand’s South Island with the release of a few helium-filled balloons this week. It was the culmination of Google’s 18 months’ work on Project Loon — a mission that aims to beam the Internet down to earth. Google plans to launch thousands such balloons 20 kilometers into the stratosphere to bridge the gaping digital divide between the world’s wired and unwired people. If successful, the technology would allow countries to do away with the expense of laying fiber cable to widen the reach of the internet.

Source: NDTV

What we think:

If Google succeeds in its mission, even rich countries may try to leverage its benefits in future. The best thing about this program is its eco-friendly nature as the balloons can be controlled and directed using just wind and solar power.

App for Any Time Access to eBay

Wish to own an app that makes your eBay transaction easier? Here is the app you have been looking for. It eliminates the need to be in front of your computer every time you want to buy or sell stuff. With eBay’s new Android app a buyer can search for items, make bids, complete transactions and even message to sellers. If you are a seller this app lets you monitor your auctions, interact with buyers, and post listings easily with photos from your Android device.

Source: Yahoo

What we think:

Compulsive buyer’s who use the eBay platform for buying stuff will find this app very useful as they can lap on to offers no sooner than they are up for sale.

Access MS Docs on Apple Smartphone

Here’s some good news for Apple iOS users looking for Office software on their device. Microsoft has finally launched Office Mobile to support its Office suite of programs for Apple’s iOS devices. With this app you can access, edit and even share docs like MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Whats noteworthy is that this app even keeps track of where you were while reading things so that you can get back to the location once you reopen the files.

Source: Yahoo

What we think:

As this app enables mobile access to documents, people who love working on MS docs can now breathe easy. They can now increase their productivity by working while on the move.


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