Google working on “x phone” and “x tablet“


Google is designing a new handset to rival Apple and Samsung — this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Google working on “X Phone”, “X” tablet to take on rivals

Google is working with recently acquired Motorola on a handset codenamed “X-phone”, aimed at grabbing market share from Apple and Samsung. Google acquired Motorola in May for $12.5 billion to bolster its patent portfolio, as its Android mobile operating system competes with rivals such as Apple and Samsung. Motorola confirmed that it is working on two fronts: devices that will be sold by carrier partner Verizon Wireless, and on the X phone. The new handset is due out sometime next year.

Source: WSJ.Com

Facebook releases ‘Poke’ app

Facebook has released a new messaging app called “Poke” to send real-time messages such as a photo or even a quick video to individual users or groups. The messages would be visible only for up to 10 seconds. Facebook mentioned that if Poke users ever see anything they’re “uncomfortable with,” they can easily report inappropriate content to the network through the settings menu. Poke is currently
available only on the iPhone as a free download.


NASA Puts Orion Backup Parachutes to the Test

NASA has completed the latest in a series of parachute tests for its Orion spacecraft, marking another step toward a first flight test in 2014. The test verified Orion can land safely even if one of its two drogue parachutes does not open during descent. Because it will return from greater distances, Orion will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere at speeds of more than 20,000 mph. After re-entry, the parachutes are all that will lower the capsule carrying astronauts back to Earth.



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