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Google’s new marketing plans to take Amazon by the horn – this and more in this week’s Regalix Round Up.

Google Is Building a Same-Day Amazon Prime Competitor, “Google Shopping Express”

With the launch of “Google Shopping Express” – a shopping platform designed along the lines of Amazon Prime — search engine giant Google has moved a step closer to upstage Amazon as the leading online shopping destination. According to reports Google Shopping Express would offer same-day delivery to customers at a price $10 or $15 cheaper than Amazon Prime. When the service debuts publicly, the company could capitalize on its recent acquisitions of both BufferBox and Channel Intelligence to dominate the online-to-offline retail market. Besides Amazon Prime, the new product will be a competitor to eBay Now, Postmates’ “Get It Now” and even smaller startups like Instacart.


Regalix View:Amazon’s days – as the number one shopping site – are numbered. As Google gets more online traffic, it wouldn’t take much for the search engine giant to funnel online shoppers into its shopping services.

Google Releases New Click to Download App Ad

Google has rolled out a new “click-to-download” ad template that makes it easier for people to find and install mobile apps, directly from a Google search listing page on your mobile device. The app ad will only show up on an iPhone. The whole idea here is to eliminate as many steps from the process as possible. Click the ad, put in your password for iTunes or Google Play and download.


Regalix View:With this new app, Google has not only made downloading easier, but also smarter. However, it should work towards making this app available for even iPad and Android phone users to ensure all uses are benefitted.

Now, Gloves to Write your Text, Emails in Air

Writing text in air and emailing it is now possible, thanks to a new innovative “air-writing” glove system. When the wearer of the gloves draws letters in the air, the system can identify which letters are being drawn. The written letters get converted into digital text, and can be input into an email, text message, or any other type of mobile app.


Regalix View: This device would be of great help to those who are not tech savvy. They would be spared the trouble of fiddling with their mobile to send messages. If these gloves can help beat the cold, there can’t be anything better.


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