Google – online shoppers new destination


Google’s decision to display all-paid product listing ads in search results is giving Amazon a run for its money — this and more in this week’s Regalix Round Up stories.

Google’s Plan to Snatch Shopping from Amazon Is Working

Google’s bid to upstage Amazon as an online shopper’s stop seems to be paying off. The search engine’s decision to display all-paid product listing ads in search results has been well received both by advertisers and consumers. Digital ad management provider Marin Software found that advertisers spent 600 percent more on Google product listing ads after the transition in October than before. Since last year, click-throughs on product listing ads have also gone up by 210 percent. If Google manages to equip the search with a checkout facility, it can soon team up with retailers to provide online shoppers an alternative to Amazon.


Yahoo Working on Personalized Content Technology

Yahoo is working on a technology that will personalize content from the Web and deliver it to people on their mobile devices. This would be made possible by a so-called interest graph created with user’s data to show common preferences. Based on the interest graph, details such as financial quotes, news, sport scores and photos would be made available to the person. According to Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, this technology, would help the company provide value to the end user.


Twitter Launches New Video Sharing Service

In a move to upgrade existing features, Twitter has introduced a new mobile video sharing service to enable users to connect through short video clips. The service, known as Vine, enables users to post six second long videos that play back on a continuous loop. Users can use this feature to pass on visuals of interesting real time news or other exciting clippings. Twitter believes this feature will also help to enhance users’ video-making creativity. Vine is available for free on the iPhone and iPod touch.



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