Google launches note-taking service keep


Google’s new note-taking service will make it easy to take and save notes and pictures, especially when one is on the go – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup.

Google Launches Note-Taking Service

Google has launched a new service and app to facilitate note taking and saving pictures. Aptly called Keep, the new note-taking service will be integrated with Google Drive to enable users jot down and edit notes and lists directly through the drive. Keep also allows users to save pictures clicked using their cameras as notes and also convert voice memos to text.

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This service eliminates the need to carry a scribble pad and pen wherever you go. Taking notes on the move has always been a problem, and since Google’s Keep is integrated with mobile devices, data recording on the go is now effortless.

Google To Unify All Chat Services Under Babble?

Search engine giant Google is planning to integrate all its messaging platforms into one single service called Babble, according to reports. The objective of this exercise is to solve problems of some of Google’s chat products which do not interact with each other smoothly. The new service will be equipped with features that will enable sharing photos in chat windows, starting a Hangout with a contact, and carry out threaded conversations. The service would come with apps for Android and Chrome OS.

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What chatter-boxes look forward to is smooth chatting. If Babble ensures hassle free chatting, users will never look for other chatting platforms. As for the new features, it remains to be seen how useful they can be.

HP Develops Glasses-Free 3D for Mobile Devices

Those addicted to glasses-free 3-D video on mobile devices can now look forward to a wide viewing angle without looking straight into the screen. Researchers at Hewlett-Packard Co. have developed a new way to put glasses-free 3-D video on mobile that would make images viewable fully from different angles. Developers have used nanotechnology to create multiple circles with tiny grooves on the display screen that would bend light and enable full view from 64 different points.

Source: R&D

Regalix View:

With this discovery, a user need not lay his hands on the device to swivel the screen every time he wishes to have a better view. So, ones’ viewing experience would be greatly enhanced. As 3-D technology is put to good use in medical training, this development will ensure enhanced level of module creation and presentation.


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