Fusion marketing


Marketing concepts are increasingly becoming obsolete, irrelevant and inapplicable. However, the only things that really change are the products, services and media and not the vulnerability of the human mind. What may have caused a customer to go in for an impulse purchase in 1970 cannot be too different from what it does to a customer in 2014.

Fusion Marketing, as the name suggests, lends this idea to carefully craft marketing strategies by considering and combining marketing tools, ideas, channels of over 6000 years to integrate them into a seamless tool to accomplish marketing objectives, whatever they maybe.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to benefit from Fusion Marketing
  • How to launch a successful Social Media Strategy
  • Best practices to keep customers engaged
  • How to interconnect traditional and digital goods
Lon SafkoAdvisory Board Member of Forbes School of Business & Technology

Lon is an Innovator and a Futurist. He doesn’t just guess at what might happen, Lon knows what’s coming and how to take advantage of it. He is also a bestselling author of “The Social Media Bible” which hit #1 on Amazon, and “The Fusion Marketing Bible”, Which hit #3 on Amazon, an acclaimed international keynote speaker and trainer, and the star of the PBS Television Special “Social Media & You… Communicating In A Digital World”, Lon created the “First Computer To Save A Human Life” as coined by Steve Jobs, of Apple, and has 18 inventions and more than 30,000 of his personal records as part of the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


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