Enabling Pure Storage to supercharge rep performance


Pure Storage is a rapidly growing IT pioneer delivering storage as a service to thousands of customers across the globe. They’re known as an agile provider of flash-based storage solutions, but their approach to product demos was complex, slow and cumbersome. 

Product demos were just an unorganized collection of PowerPoints and videos on individuals’ computers, and they were unintuitive and difficult to understand for consumers. As the company expanded to include more employees, partners, offices and customers, the need for a demo platform to match the organization’s scale became increasingly apparent — a unified platform to sufficiently prepare sales teams to grow their customer base and enable consumers to easily understand complex products. 


After analyzing various demo and sales enablement platforms, Pure Storage decided to deploy Regalix Nytro. They launched the SaaS platform within a matter of days, without taking up all of IT’s time. 

Nytro’s easy-to-author product walkthrough application harmonizes nicely with Pure Storage’s “gives technologists their time back” mantra, and allows their sales engineers to quickly create demos for a variety of solutions and sales situations. The interactive format of these walkthroughs means that consumers can learn about products at their own pace while remaining fully engaged in the process.

Storage Pods Pure Storage

Further, use-case-specific journeys help consumers quickly get the right content they need without having to sift through a whole library, thereby saving time and enabling sales teams to close deals faster.

Use-Case-Specific Journeys

Regalix Nytro’s built-in intelligent analytics provides Pure Storage with valuable insight into their top-performing sales reps and content pieces, giving the company’s executives confidence that employees and partners are educated on the latest product features.

Built-in Intelligent Analytics


With Nytro, Pure Storage’s marketing teams are able to quickly author demos, the sales teams are better equipped to present technical demos, partner organizations can easily find the content they need for their specific use cases, and customers can fully understand complex solutions.

Pure Storage can also now track their top-performing assets, sales reps and partners, thanks to Regalix Nytro’s leveraged analytics capabilities. The unified platform has enabled Pure Storage to grow their customer base and stay competitive in the rapidly accelerating enterprise storage industry. 

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