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VMware is the recognized leader in virtualization software. The rapidly growing company has thousands of employees and partners across the globe. However, the company’s content, which was stuck in disparate systems and legacy formats, was not reflective of VMware’s forward-thinking brand and solutions, and not suitable for our mobile-driven world. 

Internally, VMware’s sales teams were frustrated with not being able to find the content they needed in order to rapidly close deals. In addition, marketing teams had no way of knowing whether or not content they had spent countless hours creating was being engaged with or valuable to consumers. 

Externally, existing, loyal customers were frustrated by not being able to find the solution and product documentation they needed in order to effectively use product features. Even when they were able to find it, customers had a hard time understanding the products through the complex, unengaging documentation.

Worst of all, this had a negative impact on new sales and renewals, forcing VMware to reconsider their content strategy. 


In order to empower their sales team and better serve their customers, VMware chose Regalix Nytro, which enabled them to get the right content to the right people and even measure how well that content was received.

With various content structuring options; use-case-based journeys; web-optimized, bite-sized content, and a search-friendly platform, VMware’s teams and clients are able to quickly find the right content they need at the right time.

VMware product walkthroughs

Content creation teams save time and boost efficiency with Regalix Nytro’s easy authoring capabilities, one-click document importation, and language localization features. On the front end, customers benefited from Nytro’s engaging interactive product walkthroughs — a feature that enabled them to understand complex solutions through a combination of visual cues, written text and self-paced learning.

VMware SDDC manager

Additionally, Regalix Nytro’s built-in intelligent analytics capabilities provide VMware with actionable insights, allowing them to track how well their content is performing.

Vmware reports


After reimagining their content strategy with Nytro, VMware has better performing content, more engagement, deeper product adoption, and increased client retention. 

All teams and customers across the globe are able to quickly access the most up-to-date content that suits their individual needs, sparing them frustration and unnecessary time wastage.

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