B2B content marketing trends


As a B2B marketing professional, it is essential that you understand the importance of B2B content marketing in your overall strategy – and more importantly, the tactics that are effective today. You may already be aware that content marketing is one of the most important strategies for success today, a more personal way to engage with your target audience than advertising methods used in the past.

Articles and blog posts are not the only forms of using content to market your products and services; B2B marketers have long relied on white papers, still effective today. However, don’t leave videos and webinars out of the mix! Get involved in various methods of creating and sharing content that is engaging and informative with your target audience, including some of the latest trends that make a dramatic impact on the success you achieve.

What are some of the biggest content marketing trends for B2B professionals for 2013 and beyond?

  • Organic search. Most people in need of your product/service search via Google or another search engine, meaning it’s important to be found in organic or “natural” results. Posting videos, white papers and articles on your own website and distributing to relevant sites is the best way to accomplish this. Today, engaging, informative content is the best way to achieve higher ranking in organic search results.
  • Videos. B2B marketers who already rely on content marketing know the positive impact of video; in fact, 97% feel that this method outperforms all of the rest when it comes to creating brand awareness.
  • Webinars. While videos are the most popular choice in terms of brand, webinars come in first place for converting leads into customers. Articles have long been a popular strategy used by all types of marketers to generate leads, however, webinars are now in the lead with a full 68% of B2B marketers ranking this the most effective B2B content marketing strategy to generate leads.
  • Events. When it comes to gathering leads and closing out sales, events still rank number one. Business-to-business marketers find that events produce outstanding results in terms or ROI and conversions. PPC programs are highly effective for obtaining targeted leads and closing out sales, however, events are even more effective for these purposes in B2B marketing.

For business-to-business purchasing decision makers, the internet is often the go-to source for obtaining information essential to making a purchase. B2B content marketing is not complex than any other content effort. Brush up on your content marketing strategy and enjoy a higher level of success.


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