Digital and Marketing Leadership: Kevin Cochrane, CMO SAP Customer Experience

By Kevin Benedict | on July 13, 2018

I am excited to share my interview with Kevin Cochrane, SAP’s CMO of Customer Experience.  SAP, as one of the largest global technology companies, has been in the midst of an impressive level of digital transformation in sales, marketing and customer experiences.  They have been deeply involved in supporting GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), focused on improving personalized customer experiences, and developing new brands and products (C/4Hana) to support digital commerce, sales, marketing and customer services all while helping them develop a more intelligent enterprise.  Enjoy!

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Kevin Benedict
Kevin Benedict serves as the Senior Vice President, Solutions Strategy, at Regalix, a Silicon Valley based company, focused on bringing the best strategies, digital technologies, processes and people together to deliver improved customer experiences, journeys and success through the combination of intelligent solutions, analytics, automation and services. He is also an enterprise digital strategies expert, executive advisor, writer, keynote speaker and futurist.

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