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The Definitive Guide to Churn Reduction


The pandemic has made one thing crystal clear: a growth machine focused on a customer acquisition mindset cannot be sustained in times of crisis.

Rapid saturation of sales and marketing content has made it easier than ever for customers to take their business elsewhere. The result is excessive customer churn.

Churn reduction forms the foundation for revenue growth, with the probability of selling to an existing customer at 60-70% as opposed to 5-10% for a new customer.

However, your customer churn reduction strategy cannot just consist of sporadic emails or calls at each renewal point. Deep dive into the various facets of a customer-centric churn reduction strategy in this guide.


  • Various types of churn
  • Key reasons contributing to higher churn rates
  • Strategies to reduce customer churn
  • Benefits of outsourcing churn reduction
  • And more

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