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The CxO Guide: Sales Enablement- Evaluating Your Enablement Efforts


B2B sales has only grown tougher with the explosion of digital content. Sellers no longer monopolize product information, and mere product expertise no longer counts as a significant input into the sales process, since all of that information is readily available online.

It’s no surprise, then, that buyers now demonstrate a decreasing reliance on salespersons for much of their purchase journey. But this doesn’t mean that the buying process has become simple for buyers, either. The average buying decision involves between six and 10 decision-makers, each bringing to the process independently gathered pieces of insight.

Thus, sellers are caught in a double bind, having less control over sales demands, but facing increased expectations from buyers in highly complex and difficult purchase journeys. So, it’s not surprising that over half of all sales reps fail to meet their quotas. In such an environment, measuring sales enablement becomes critical, and that’s what this guide covers.

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