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The CXO Guide: Sales Enablement 2019 – What, Why and How


According to a 2017 Harvard report, the number of people involved in B2B purchases climbed from an average of 5.4 in 2015 to 6.8 in 2017. These people come from a variety of roles, functions and geographies, making the purchase decision a complex and long-drawn process. This increasing complexity in the B2B sales process has led organizations to look for solutions that can enhance their sales productivity, shorten the sales cycle and help them achieve a higher conversion rate. Sales enablement is one such solution that has received much attention from marketers in recent years.

Consider this: The CSO Insights ‘2017 Sales Enablement Optimization Study ’ found that 59.2% of organizations in 2017 had sales enablement in place, as compared with just 19.3% back in 2013. Even as recently as 2016, the figure was a little under 33% of businesses. In a more recent study done by Regalix, ‘State of Sales Enablement 2019’, 81% of companies surveyed stated that they had dedicated sales enablement resources in place.

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