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The CXO Guide: Customer onboarding 2019 – Get the most out of it


Most businesses think their work is done when customers sign on the dotted line, but that’s only the halfway point in the journey. Imagine if an airline told us to find our own way to the aircraft once we purchased a ticket. No web or kiosk check-in process, no ground staff assistance, no crew to welcome us on board… sounds rather cold and dismal, doesn’t it?

Creating a good ‘first impression’ with customers has a direct impact on revenues. For every point increase in customer onboarding satisfaction on a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale, there’s a 3% increase in customer revenue. While every touchpoint within the customer’s journey has the potential to maintain, deepen or end the relationship, none is as significant as the onboarding process. Businesses that get this crucial step right create a long-lasting, favorable first impression on their customers, which could potentially lead to a beneficial and successful relationship that lasts for years.

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