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The CMO Guide: B2B Content Marketing – Go From Crawling to Running


According to CMI’s ‘2017 Content Management & Strategy Survey’, while 92% of the organizations in the study viewed content as a business asset, only 46% of them said they had a documented strategy for managing it as a business asset. Moreover, only 18% of the respondents felt their organization had the right technology in place to manage their content marketing efforts.

Let’s consider the Regalix study. 50% of the respondents in the survey cited producing quality content as one of their top content marketing challenges, while 44% mentioned mapping the content to stages in the buyer’s journey. Only 28% of the marketers in the study reported having a content maturity model in their organization.While content marketing has been in practice for a long time, marketers are still coming to terms with the blistering pace of change that the discipline has seen in recent years in terms of technology, rising consumer expectations and rapid growth in the number of channels and touchpoints in the consumer journey.

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