Curate your own digital magazine with flipboard 2.0


Curate Your Own Digital Magazine with Flipboard 2.0

If you wish to create your own magazine, here’s your chance. Flipboard’s latest version integrates a host of apps to enable users curate and share their own magazines. All you need to do is flip tweets, blogs articles, posts, Instagrams of your choice and the app organizes them into a magazine-like layout, complete with a cover featuring a lead image. The app allows you to tweak the layout and cover image to your liking. You can also add a soundtrack to your creation by flipping in music or podcasts. The new features are currently available only on iPhone and iPad. The Android version will be made available soon.


Regalix View: For an avid reader this is welcome news. Bundling up good content and sharing it with like minded friends can make sharing of information a lot more interesting. Also, archiving good items gets a lot easier.

Tweet to Switch On and Off Lights

Tweets can now be used to control devices. A techie employed with Bosch has integrated Twitter and technology to send commands to turn off lights or toasters or control ACs, alarms etc. Tweets, like #switchonlights, are sent to small open source hardware inside the house via a remote data center, which in turn sends out signals to the switchboard through sensors connected to the internet. The digital signal gets converted into an electric signal in the switchboard and turns the light on.


An App for Collecting Coupons

Cutting out coupons from newspapers has always been a painful task. A new app called SnipSnap now eliminates the need to cut coupons, as it converts coupon into a mobile version and bundles them up for future use. The app uses the device’s camera to scan the bar code of the coupon and give it a mobile shape. It organizes the coupons and even sends out notification on the expiry date or a reminder when you walk into a store where it is valid. You can also share the best deals with friend.

Source: Yahoo

Regalix View: This app takes the headache away from finding great deals and saving them for later use. The fact that one can get info about good deals through social media platforms makes this the perfect app for avid coupon seekers.


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