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Digital CMO Digest: Sales Enablement 2019


Sales enablement is not what it used to be. Over recent years, organizations have come to realize the importance of sales enablement, and it has now developed into a mature industry that boasts new tactics and technologies that help salespeople do their job more effectively than ever before.

Our recent study, ‘State of Sales Enablement 2019’, highlighted some interesting findings. For instance, 81% of organizations now have dedicated sales enablement resources. Interestingly, the inability to measure the success of sales enablement initiatives is the key challenge organizations face in sales enablement journey. Perhaps this reflects that the engagement metrics currently used to measure performance may not be the best indicators of actual performance.

In this edition of the Digital CMO Digest, we spoke with executives involved in the sales enablement processes of leading organizations such as Salesforce, Verint and Infor. Their inputs help us form a clearer picture of the intricacies of sales enablement and the direction in which it’s headed.

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