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Digital CMO Digest: Product Marketing 2019


Product marketing in the B2B space is particularly challenging. With the steadily increasing number of stakeholders involved in purchase decisions, it’s now that much harder to understand, connect with and win over each one separately before the decision to proceed with your solution is made. You must now explain how your product offers value to each of them and their priorities. Certainly no simple task.

There’s a lot riding on product marketing, so there was good reason for Regalix to conduct a study, ‘State of Product Marketing 2019.’ In the study, we uncovered some interesting tidbits. For one, 86% of marketers cite ‘creating quality content’ as the single most time-intensive activity in their product marketing strategies. Somewhat distressingly, but in keeping with earlier findings, relationship metrics such as ‘customer engagement level’ (29%) and ‘CSAT score’ (12%) are laggards as far as metrics used to measure the impact of product marketing go.

In this edition of the Digital CMO Digest, we spoke with high-level executives involved in the product marketing activities of leading organizations such as Pluralsight, Verint and Splunk. Their perspectives and inputs will help you form a clear picture of the intricacies of product marketing, the future of the discipline and the factors driving it in that direction.

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