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Digital CMO Digest: Customer Onboarding


The sale isn’t over once your customers sign the dotted line; the most important part is yet to come. That they made the purchase means they already like you and see value in your product. Your task now is to live up to customer expectations and keep them happy, and this is where the customer onboarding process comes into play.

There are a number of studies that highlight positive correlations between well-executed customer onboarding and various important metrics like customer activation, retention, satisfaction, lifetime value, referral rates, etc. It’s clear, then, that the customer onboarding process is critical to your success as well as that of your customers. The emergence of the subscription economy has only served to make this even truer than before. Being of such consequence, we decided that a detailed look into the workings of customer onboarding was long overdue.

In this edition, we spoke with high-level executives involved in the customer onboarding processes of leading organizations such as Salesforce and Verint. Their inputs will help you form a clear picture of the intricacies of customer onboarding, the direction in which it’s headed and the factors driving it in that direction.

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