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Digital CMO Digest: B2B Content Marketing 2019


When it comes to purchase decisions in the B2B space, things can get complicated. Investments are significant, decision-makers are many and futures are on the line. Making the right decision could be the difference between success and failure. All of this means that establishing trust with your prospects is of paramount importance, and this is why content marketing is so critical; failure to craft the perfect message could mean that your product gets overlooked.

Being of such criticality, Regalix conducted a study, ‘State of Content Marketing 2019’, to understand what happens under the hood. We arrived upon some interesting numbers. Concerningly, 72% of organizations do not even have a content maturity model. 50% of them cite ‘creating quality content’ as the single biggest challenge in content marketing. We can, however, take heart from the fact that 77% of organizations intend to invest more in content marketing over the coming year.

In this release of the Digital CMO Digest, we picked the brains of high-level content marketing executives from top companies like Zendesk and MicroStrategy to get their thoughts on relevant technologies, trends they’re seeing and much more. Their insights will help you better understand where content marketing stands today and the path it will follow into the future.

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