Streamlining and scaling Reddit’s Ad Ops processes through effective campaign management

In an effort to keep up with the increasing demand for digital advertising, Reddit’s Ad Ops teams are under immense pressure to deliver campaigns as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this case study, we look at how Regalix assisted Reddit’s Ad Ops team in streamlining and scaling its processes through effective campaign management.

Regalix began by identifying the key areas that needed improvement. They then created a campaign management process that would allow them to track and optimise campaigns more effectively. This process included setting up campaign tracking templates, creating a campaign calendar, and implementing a reporting system. By utilising a robust campaign management tool, Regalix could automate many manual processes and reduce the time spent on campaign set-up and delivery. This freed up Reddit’s sales teams’ time to focus on other tasks and allowed them to scale their operations to handle more campaigns.

As a result of their streamlined process, the team was able to deliver campaigns more quickly and efficiently, providing a better experience for their clients.

Discover in this case study:

  • The key areas in Reddit’s campaign management process that required improvement
  • The strategies Regalix employed to streamline the process and increase ad spends
  • The impact of the solutions that Regalix implemented

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