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Reap The Rewards Of eCommerce Outsourcing With Regalix’s Customised Solutions

Reap The Rewards Of eCommerce Outsourcing With Regalix’s Customised Solutions


Key Points


  • Inefficient eCommerce operations can lead to higher costs, reduced profitability, and increased competition from more efficient rivals.
  • Advancements in eCommerce technology, such as AI and machine learning, are enabling businesses to provide more personalised customer experiences and drive sales.
  • Regalix’s customised eCommerce solutions enable businesses to scale their operations without compromising customer experience.




With increasing numbers of consumers turning to online shopping post-pandemic, digital shopping has experienced a paradigm shift. Forbes reports that an estimated 24% of retail purchases will occur online by 2026. 

However, most SMBs find it difficult to deal with continuous fluctuations in consumer behaviour, technological transformations and the economy. 

As companies expand their online presence, they often lack the resources or expertise to manage all aspects of eCommerce. This is where outsourcing comes in, providing businesses with the flexibility and support they need to succeed in eCommerce.

This article focuses on the benefits of eCommerce outsourcing and how businesses can focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the expertise and experience of a dedicated eCommerce partner through outsourcing.


The Benefits Of eCommerce Outsourcing


eCommerce is well-suited for outsourcing due to the ease of remote collaboration and communication and the extensive use of cloud-based systems by eCommerce enterprises. Here are a few reasons businesses choose outsourcing to optimise their operations and boost productivity.


Leverage Expertise To Minimise Expenses:


Outsourcing eCommerce operations can help businesses reduce costs associated with staffing, infrastructure, technology, and other overhead expenses. By outsourcing, businesses can benefit from the economies of scale of a specialised service provider, who can leverage their expertise and resources to offer cost-effective solutions.

The business messaging application Slack outsourced their product design team to successfully launch their application from the beta version, thus slashing costs and garnering more investors.


Scaling Business Operations:


When a business outsources its eCommerce operations, it can leverage the expertise and resources of a third-party provider to quickly and easily expand its capacity to handle more orders, customers, and sales. This can include everything from order processing and fulfilment to customer service and technical support. The outbreak of the pandemic saw a boom in eCommerce operations, and numerous SMBs scaled their operations quickly.

As of 2022, 17% of outsourced enterprises believe that organisations choose outsourcing part of their operations for scaling. By setting up manufacturing and assembly units in the US and Southeast Asia, Apple has managed to outsource their supply chain and concentrate on product design and scaling. By treating outsourcing as a mutually beneficial relationship, Apple meets its rising consumer demand, thereby easing its production costs.


Focus On Core Competencies:


One of the most significant benefits of eCommerce outsourcing is the ability to free up valuable resources and personnel to focus on what they do best. By outsourcing non-core tasks such as order processing, inventory management, and customer service outsourcing, businesses can reduce their operational workload, allowing them to concentrate on their core competencies, such as product development, marketing, and sales.

By outsourcing AdWords support and development of Project Ara to tech service providers worldwide, Google could concentrate on its core operations.


Improve Customer Experience:


Poor customer experience has forced 89% of consumers to discontinue relations with an eCommerce business. Providing a seamless and exceptional customer experience is paramount in today’s highly competitive eCommerce landscape. However, managing all aspects of the customer journey, from website design to order fulfilment and customer service, can take time and effort for businesses. This is where eCommerce outsourcing can play a critical role in improving the customer experience. By outsourcing certain eCommerce functions to a specialized third-party vendor, businesses can tap into the expertise and resources of the vendor to enhance the customer experience.

For instance, outsourcing customer service to a vendor with experienced and knowledgeable agents can provide customers with a responsive and helpful support team. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Similarly, outsourcing website design and development to a vendor focusing on user experience (UX) can result in a more intuitive and user-friendly website, increasing customer engagement and conversion rates.


How Regalix Can Help


Regalix is a leading provider of eCommerce outsourcing services, specialising in partnering with eCommerce establishments to optimise their operations and deliver outstanding customer service. With extensive experience working with clients across multiple industries, Regalix understands the unique challenges that businesses face in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Regalix prioritises efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of their operations.

Regalix’s multichannel strategy ensures that their clients’ customers can reach them through their preferred channels, while Regalix’s multilingual customer support teams are available around the clock to provide assistance in multiple languages and time zones. Regalix’s seasonal staffing model allows for optimal scalability without incurring additional expenses. 

Regalix’s research reveals that eCommerce platforms suffer from issues such as

  • Dealing with customer expectations especially during peak seasons.
  • Dealing with customers from different time zones and geographic locations.
  • Balancing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.


Case Study: SSENSE's Successful Outsourcing Partnership with Regalix


SSENSE, a Montreal-based multi-brand retailer, specialises in designer clothing and high-end streetwear, serving global customers with shipping and customer service across multiple time zones. Their objective since 2003 has been to make high-end fashion accessible to a new generation of customers, including emerging designers, and provide a seamless customer experience. 

However, SSENSE’s business growth outpaced their in-house workforce capabilities, leading to disrupted customer journeys, plummeting customer satisfaction, and increased account cancellations.

Regalix and SSENSE collaborated to address the holiday surge by implementing a seasonal staffing model aligned with the client’s business needs. This approach enabled the client to scale up and down their resources efficiently without incurring additional costs.

Regalix deployed subject matter experts from their customer service COE (Center Of Excellence) to identify and address the underlying issues at a ground level. Through this process, they categorised the core issues into buckets such as operations, governance, innovation, and seasonality, which allowed for more effective planning and resolution of customer service challenges.

SSENSE was also suffering from a lack of multilingual workforce who could deliver the desired customer service access multiple timezones. Regalix successfully onboarded customer support professionals supporting four languages, across 130+ countries and multiple time zones. 

To ensure business continuity, a dual location plan was established, with the main team in the Philippines and a secondary team in Bangalore.

To optimise productivity, Regalix introduced a range of tooling and automation techniques, including training, onboarding, reporting metrics, performance trackers, and interactive learning programs to enable SSENSE meet global demand requirements. 

Here is what SSENSE achieved from outsourcing to Regalix:

  • Achieved 95% average customer satisfaction rating
  • Reduced operating costs by 50%
  • Catered to customers from 130+ countries and multiple time zones, including APAC, EMEA, and AMER regions



Choosing The Right eCommerce Outsourcing Partner


When it comes to eCommerce outsourcing, choosing the right partner is essential for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. However, selecting the right eCommerce outsourcing partner can be a daunting task, with many factors to consider. Here are some key points to note while choosing the right partner to outsource essential operations:


Expertise and Experience:


When choosing an eCommerce outsourcing partner, look for a company with a proven track record of success. This means finding a vendor with years of experience in the industry and a portfolio of clients that are similar to your business. The vendor should have deep expertise in your eCommerce needs, such as website design, development, order fulfilment, and customer service. A partner with expertise in your industry will also bring valuable insights and best practices that can help you optimize your eCommerce operations.


Scalability and Flexibility:


Your eCommerce needs will evolve as your business grows, and you will require more support from your outsourcing partner. Therefore, choosing a vendor that can scale its services to meet your changing needs is essential. The vendor should also be flexible enough to adapt to your business needs and should be able to customize its services to meet your unique requirements. This will ensure that your outsourcing partner can grow with your business and meet your long-term goals.


Data Security:


Data security is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an eCommerce outsourcing partner. The vendor you choose should have strict data security protocols in place to protect your sensitive information and that of your customers. The vendor should comply with all data protection laws and regulations and have certifications which ensure the safe handling of payment card data. Look for a vendor that can provide you with transparency and visibility into its security measures and certifications.




Outsourcing should provide cost savings for your business. However, it is essential to consider the overall value that the outsourcing partner can provide. The vendor should offer transparent pricing and no hidden costs, with a clear understanding of the services and resources included in the pricing. Compare pricing and services from multiple vendors to ensure you get the best deal. Remember that the cheapest option may not always be the best, and a partner offering high-quality services may be more cost-effective in the long run.


Communication and Collaboration:


Clear communication and collaboration are essential for a successful outsourcing partnership. The vendor should have a responsive and transparent communication strategy and should be available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Look for a partner that offers a dedicated point of contact or project manager to ensure clear and effective communication. Additionally, the vendor should be collaborative, working closely with your business to ensure that your outsourcing strategy aligns with your overall goals and objectives.


Technological Advancements:


An ideal outsourced partner offers access to technological advancements as part of their eCommerce outsourcing services, allowing businesses to leverage the latest tools and technologies for improved efficiency and customer experience. When choosing an outsourcing partner, businesses should consider their expertise in eCommerce technology, ability to innovate, and willingness to stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies.


Customer Service:


Finally, choose a partner that values customer service. The vendor should have a dedicated support team to assist with any issues or concerns. Look for a partner that offers 24/7 support, ensuring you can always reach out for help when needed. The vendor should also proactively identify and address issues, ensuring that your eCommerce operations run smoothly. Consider reading customer reviews or testimonials to gauge the vendor’s level of customer service.




According to a survey conducted among executives, 96% acknowledged outsourcing providers as the primary source for developing data and analytics capabilities.

Regalix, a leading provider of eCommerce outsourcing services, offers a unique value proposition that can help businesses thrive in the eCommerce space. Achieving a 95% average customer satisfaction rate (CSAT%), Regalix’s team of eCommerce experts can assist businesses with everything from website development to digital marketing, content creation, and data analysis.

Regalix’s unique value proposition can help companies thrive in the highly competitive eCommerce landscape. By partnering with Regalix, businesses can access specialised expertise, customised solutions, and the latest eCommerce technologies to achieve their goals and drive revenue growth.


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