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Marketstar Acquires Regalix and Nytro.ai: Delivering Innovative, Tech-Enabled, End-To-End Revenue Acceleration Services

Marketstar Acquires Regalix and Nytro.ai: Delivering Innovative, Tech-Enabled, End-To-End Revenue Acceleration Services


Key Takeaways:


  • Regalix announces its acquisition by MarketStar, the global leader in outsourced sales and revenue acceleration solutions headquartered in the US.
  • Founded in 2005 by Gunjan Sinha and Vikas Sharan, Regalix has helped over 150+ Fortune 500 brands unlock opportunities and business possibilities at scale.
  • MarketStar acquires Regalix’s Nytro.ai, an AI-based SaaS platform used by top organisations like Equinix, TikTok, and Google Cloud to enhance sales readiness and accelerate revenue generation.
  • With this acquisition, MarketStar expands its Sales as a Service® global offering with 3700+ team members serving 100+ countries in 35+ languages through 14+ global delivery centers.

MarketStar, a global leader in outsourced sales and revenue acceleration for B2B companies, has acquired Regalix and Nytro.ai, creating a powerhouse partnership to deliver end-to-end revenue acceleration services. This acquisition allows MarketStar to extend and strengthen client engagements across North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC while providing comprehensive solutions to its clients globally.

Regalix has continuously explored new ways to enhance our capabilities and grow our business. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we are excited about the opportunities it will bring. In this blog, we will provide an overview of the acquisition, its purpose, and the benefits it brings to our clients and partners. We look forward to the next chapter in our journey and the possibilities that lie ahead.


Who is Marketstar?


Create The Growth You Need with The Consistent Results You Expect

MarketStar is a global leader in outsourced sales and revenue acceleration. Through innovative sales and revenue acceleration solutions, MarketStar accelerates sales from lead to recurring revenue with business-to-business (B2B) sales, channel, and customer success programs. 

Utilising a blend of voice, digital, and field engagements, MarketStar has launched, sold and supported thousands of products and services on behalf of the biggest and most innovative companies across the globe. 

Founded in 1988, MarketStar pioneered the sales outsourcing industry and today has more than 1,600+ employees worldwide. Headquartered in Ogden, UT, MarketStar has operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, the Philippines, and Australia.



“MarketStar’s acquisition of Regalix provides a focused and differentiated option in the market for how B2B companies grow and scale revenue. The combination of our respective sales and revenue solutions, world-class teams, and the Nytro.AI platform will provide transformative capabilities for our current and future clients.”​

– Keith Titus, President and CEO, MarketStar​



Why did regalix partner with Marketstar?


Driving Growth Together: The Power of Combining Two Market-Leading Companies

The acquisition of Regalix by MarketStar marks a significant step in MarketStar’s efforts to create comprehensive end-to-end solutions for B2B revenue growth management. The acquisition brings together the strengths of Regalix and Nytro.ai with MarketStar’s expertise in Sales as a Service® to create a complete service offering that covers every aspect of B2B revenue growth management.

The combined service offering includes a range of capabilities, such as digital marketing, demand generation, customer success, revenue operations, customer acquisition, direct and partner channel sales, and digital advertising expertise. This comprehensive offering will enable MarketStar to provide true end-to-end solutions for its clients, helping them to achieve their revenue growth goals.

MarketStar’s core purpose is to create growth, and the acquisition of Regalix and Nytro.ai aligns perfectly with this purpose. By combining the strengths of these companies, MarketStar will be better positioned to help its clients achieve sustainable growth. Furthermore, the acquisition will enable MarketStar to expand and fortify its client engagements across key global regions, including North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC.

The expertise of Regalix and Nytro.ai in digital marketing and revenue growth management complements MarketStar’s core capabilities in Sales as a Service®, enhancing its service offerings and expanding its existing B2B client relationships. With this acquisition, MarketStar will be able to provide a more comprehensive range of services to its clients, helping them achieve their revenue growth objectives.


How does this acquisition benefit our clients?


From Customer Acquisition to Revenue Operations: Accelerating Revenue Growth with Integrated End-to-End Growth Management Solutions

Regalix’s recent acquisition brings with it numerous strategic benefits. At the forefront is Nytro.ai – a world-class AI-based SaaS platform that enhances sales performance and revenue outcomes for B2B revenue generation teams. This acquisition brings Sales as a Service to life and provides our clients with a comprehensive range of end-to-end B2B revenue ops and enablement services.

Our clients can now benefit from a range of services, from Top of Funnel / Demand Generation, Customer Acquisition, Customer Success, and Revenue Ops, designed specifically to help global, high-growth B2B customers scale revenue in mid-market and SMB customer segments. By having access to a wide range of integrated global ad sales and ad operations capabilities, clients can expect to see an improvement in advertiser acquisition, lifecycle management, agency acquisition and management, marketing operations, creative campaign management, and analytics, along with an accelerated Average Revenue Per Account.

Our company now offers a range of services designed to help clients grow their revenue, and our geographic, language, and talent capabilities are key to achieving this. We have integrated and aligned our services to enable revenue growth for our clients, with over 3,700 employees and access to over 35 languages and operations in over 100 countries. Our operations span various countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay, Ireland, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, India, the Philippines, and Australia. By having such a diverse range of capabilities, we can cater to the needs of our clients in different locations and markets, ensuring they have access to the expertise they need to achieve their revenue goals.

Overall, this acquisition means that clients gain access to MarketStar’s customer acquisition, customer success, and partner channel and direct route-to-market expertise combined with Regalix’s current capabilities of digital marketing, demand generation, customer success, and revenue operations solutions. Digital Ads clients, in particular, will benefit from expanded service offerings focused on vertically integrated revenue/customer acquisition, agency acquisition and management, revenue and ad ops from a single global provider.


 “I am thrilled to announce that Regalix has been acquired by MarketStar. This acquisition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees who have been focused on building a world class tech-enabled services company. Joining MarketStar accelerates our ability to deliver revenue growth for rapidly growing companies trying to solve their mid-market / SMB growth challenges. We look forward to this new chapter in our company’s journey and are excited about the possibilities it brings.”​

– Vikas Sharan – CEO, Regalix​



New opportunities


Accelerating Innovation: Expanded Capabilities Open New Doors and Drive Continuous Growth and Creativity.

MarketStar’s recent acquisition of Regalix and Nytro.ai marks a powerful step in the company’s efforts to expand its global reach. The transaction officially closed on May 01, 2023, and Regalix will rebrand to MarketStar over the next 120 days, while Nytro.ai will continue to operate independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of MarketStar.

The combined companies will be led by Keith Titus, currently the CEO of MarketStar. Under his leadership, the newly formed entity will provide enhanced learning and career growth opportunities for Regalix employees, who will now have access to global expansion opportunities and a wider range of services encompassing digital marketing, demand generation, customer acquisition, customer success/support, and revenue operations.

The acquisition also enables MarketStar to leverage the expertise and capabilities of Regalix and Nytro.ai to enhance its existing service offerings and expand its existing client relationships. With a comprehensive range of services covering every aspect of revenue growth management, MarketStar is now better positioned to help its clients achieve their revenue growth objectives and sustain long-term growth.


Bottom line


The acquisition of Regalix and Nytro.ai by MarketStar marks the beginning of an exciting new era in the realm of B2B revenue growth and scaling. With the amalgamation of two industry leaders, MarketStar’s B2B revenue acceleration and sales solutions are bolstered by digital marketing, demand generation, customer success, and revenue operations capabilities, providing a comprehensive end-to-end revenue acceleration and sales solution. 

Furthermore, the acquisition enables access to Nytro.ai, an advanced and intelligent sales onboarding platform that empowers organisations to enhance their sales teams’ skills, speak confidently to prospects across the sales journey, and accelerate time to revenue.


“MarketStar is a renowned global leader in Sales as a Service®.“ We are thrilled about this partnership, which will allow us to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions in the areas of digital marketing, customer success, and technology, empowering growth and scalability across the customer journey.”​

– Tabish Khan – SVP Growth, Regalix





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