Apple plans solar panel farm for data center


Apple plans to build a solar farm to power a new data center – this and more in this week’s Regalix Roundup

Apple Plans Solar Panel Farm for Data Center

In keeping with its ambition of having data centers run by renewable energy, Apple plans to build a solar farm to power a new data center in Reno, Nevada. Spread over an area of 167 acres in northern Nevada the farm will be capable of producing 18 to 20 megawatts of power. The new solar farm will provide energy to operate a $1 billion data center for Apple’s cloud computing services. The company will be building this farm in collaboration with Nevada utility NV Energy.


What we think:

Driving internet with renewable energy would help create a better future for everyone. If this initiative succeeds, it will encourage other enterprises to run their business with clean energy technology.

App for Creating Presentations

If creating presentations is part of your job, then app Flowboard, is meant for you. This app lets you combine images, videos, text and music to help convey your ideas. You can stitch text, images, and other kinds of content to canvases, create a presentation and share it across social media platforms or save online and share with a URL. You can also add YouTube videos and PDFs to your presentations, to give your creation a more professional look.

Source: Yahoo

What we think:

Marketers/content developers can use this app to create quick need-based content presentations. They can even turn their creations into ebooks or magazines and easily maintain a portfolio of their creations.

App for Cloning Images

If you love playing pranks, here’s a novelty photo app, to create funny clones from images. With app Clone Booth, you can take a person’s face and “clone” it on another. You can create multiple funny clones of a single person, in different positions and clothes, and even edit them at will to give the desired humorous effect. Once done, you can share them through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Yahoo


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