Why companies should blog and not just tweet


To blog or not to blog, when to tweet is just so sweet!

Most companies fall into the honey trap of steadfast devotion towards microblogging in the name of digital marketing and PR strategy. Blogging it seems is too much effort. It’s not that microblogging should be strictly avoided and blogging should take up all your energies. Ideally, microblogging should fortify your blogging effort rather than replace it completely. Here’s a list of six compelling reasons why blogging should be followed by microblogging and not the other way round –

Less is not more – 140 characters are enough to talk about what you’re up to and only if you’re really famous, would people actually care to know. But, if you want to be positioned as a thought leader, taking a 140 character route is less than perfect way to do just that.

Long term commitment – All successful blogs have one thing in common. They deliver great content and at amazing frequencies. Only when sufficient body of work has been created that the blog starts to attract traffic. Most of the blogs fizzle out before that. But, once you reach that tipping point, you can look at your blog as a powerful PR tool with a dedicated community of readers that has potential to snowball the word-of-mouth. It goes without saying, to build that community, commitment is sine qua non.

Shelf life – A piece of content offering valuable insight never falls out of favor. A tweet, no matter how insightful is relegated to the bottomless depths of oblivion. On the other hand, a well written and informative blog-post is forever indexed in SERPs.

If website is the face, blog is the body – A digital native is also a consumer who, before taking that plunge down the buying funnel, ensures she/he is well informed. A clean website design with easier navigation lead him straight to your blog where types/tones of conversations going on in the comment section give him a fair idea whether or not to take that hallowed plunge.

Control – You don’t have any say over radical policy change of an external network, if the external network decides to implement it. You’re constantly at mercy of its whims. However, a blog is your own media house and you have total control over it. So, when your blog goes on maintenance mode, you know exactly how long before it is up and running again. You can’t be exactly sure for an external network.

Tweet a link but link a tweet? – No prizes for guessing, it’s an open secret. Most tweets carry a link to an external and elaborate source that corroborates the tweet. So, would you like that link to be yours or smugly tweet “other’s” links? Alternatively, choice lies with you to be the news-breaker (by being first to tweet) or be the news itself (through thorough analysis of some news-worthy event).

And of course, you always have an option of quoting a compelling 140 character long tweet in your blog, just in case you feel a pressing need to link a tweet.

To sum up, use your Twitter page for sound bites to your fleshed out blog.


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