3 ways you can use live streaming in your business


The second of a three-part series on the benefits of live streaming for B2B businesses, this article discusses how you can use live streaming to engage with your customers and reinforce your leadership position.

In the first article we established the impact that live video can have for B2B marketers. Streaming video allows brands to drop the corporate veil, and become more spontaneous with customers. Here are three ways you can use live streaming in your business.

1. Walk your customers through your product

Give your new and old customers an opportunity to see how a new product or feature works. A pre-recorded video might also provide the same information, but live-streaming makes the whole presentation more of an ‘event’. The added advantage of live streaming is that you can have your product manager or engineer personally answer questions as well.

You can also use live video streaming to take viewers through an interactive tour of your facilities and explore specific departments, introduce key members of your organization and provide an insight into the day-to-day functioning of your organization.

Users generally only get to see the final product or service from your company. Any step in between is a story of value and is likely to help increase engagement with your brand.

2. Give your customers a behind-the-scenes preview at major events

Livestreaming an event can give your audience the first-hand experience of being where the action is. Be it a technology conference or a product expo, livestreaming allows your customers to share the thrill of the event with other participants. It can be a preferred alternative to text-based updates that they might receive from elsewhere.

Livestreaming an event can be a great way to draw your customers’ attention to any new technology with which you might want them to get acquainted.

3. Interactive interviews with experts

For any business to invest in your product or service, buyers need to be reassured that they will be able to secure a significant ROI over time. Live streaming allows you to hold interactive Q&A sessions with your finest employees, providing answers and perspective to potential customers. This is valuable information that they might not be able to secure from elsewhere.

You can also use livestreaming as part of your customer service initiative to respond in real time to customer concerns.


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