Use of technology makes Google ads more relevant and boosts sales



There was cause for concern. Google's ecommerce advertisers were not following the product listing best practices, resulting in either rejection of their ads or poor campaign performance and ROI. Google wanted to further detail out the products they were advertising. This included optimizing the title, and adding product categories and product types. Regalix was asked to lead this project, covering all of Google’s SMB clients. Initially, this was done manually referencing a taxonomy designed by Google. Regalix found that it took roughly about 80 hours to optimize 1000 products. Clearly, it was not a scalable option.


Regalix countered this problem by creating ’Feedo’, a tool that could audit and optimize data feeds for the advertised products in line with the best practices laid down by Google. The solution had a microservices architecture powered by machine learning. The tool automated the manual process and drastically reduced the time taken for optimization from 80 hours to 2 hours.


The benefits were quick to surface. Feedo increased the relevance of the ads displayed, thereby increasing sales. The advertisers now enjoy greater ROI, which encourages them to advertise more of their products, resulting in increased ad revenue for Google.

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