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Revitalizing BMC Software’s onboarding and enablement content processes


BMC Software, an industry leader in IT management solutions, has a fast-growing team and customer base. The company’s solutions are known to drive speed, agility and efficiency, but their employee onboarding process didn’t live up to the same ethos. It was cumbersome, cost-prohibitive and could not keep up with the rate of new hires and content sprawl. 

BMC Software also perceived a lack of engagement with sales enablement materials. A perception they couldn’t verify, since they had no way of measuring content consumption. 

They needed a unified platform to seamlessly onboard and enable employees, partners and customers alike.


In order to streamline and accelerate their onboarding process while gaining valuable insight into whether or not their enablement content is being consumed, BMC chose to implement Regalix Nytro.

Regalix Nytro’s targeted enablement journeys, which are tailored to specific audience needs, allow for easy consumption of content and eliminate the need for the consumer to hunt down the right content piece.

With Regalix Nytro’s easy-to-use authoring interface, BMC Software’s employees can easily create bite-sized content, allowing for higher levels of consumer engagement and retention. In addition to this, Regalix Nytro’s Quiz app can be used to assess whether or not those who are being onboarded have thoroughly processed the content.

Further, the platform’s intelligent analytics capabilities allow for BMC’s marketing teams to identify what types of content are valuable to consumers and what content should be retired, driving the optimization of the content creation process. 


With Regalix Nytro, BMC Software was able to eliminate silos and redundant systems, and instead, provide a holistic view of their enablement program, content performance, rep progression and badging completions to their teams and customers. 

BMC was also granted the power of knowing which parts of their enablement content is consumed, retained and useful, so that they can better serve their consumers.